Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows

Friday, August 18th 2017, 5:54 pm EDT WASHINGTON (AP) — Guest lineups for the Sunday TV news shows: ABC's "This Week" — To be announced. ___ NBC's "Meet the Press" —Andrew Young.,... Full Story

Hollywood's hacking pains are bigger than movie leaks

Friday, August 18th 2017, 1:44 pm EDT NEW YORK (AP) — Piracy is a long-running and even routine issue for Hollywood, whether it's street vendors hawking bootleg DVDs on street corners... Full Story

Bruce Forsyth, veteran British TV host and entertainer, dies

Friday, August 18th 2017, 1:38 pm EDT NEW YORK (AP) — Bruce Forsyth, a legendary entertainer, host and quizmaster on English television whose career spanned the history of TV, has... Full Story

Charlie Cox, Finn Jones on 2 Marvel-ous 'Defenders' roles

Friday, August 18th 2017, 10:45 am EDT NEW YORK (AP) — Maybe you know them as Iron Fist and Daredevil. But now Finn Jones and Charlie Cox, who star as these Marvel superheroes on the... Full Story

Tina Fey returns to 'Weekend Update' to talk Charlottesville

Friday, August 18th 2017, 9:03 am EDT NEW YORK (AP) — Tiny Fey has returned to "Weekend Update" on "Saturday Night Live" to discuss the violence surrounding a white nationalist rally... Full Story

NASA, PBS marking 40 years since Voyager spacecraft launches

Friday, August 18th 2017, 7:52 am EDT CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Forty years after blasting off, Earth's most distant ambassadors — the twin Voyager spacecraft — are carrying... Full Story

Voyager 1 leads pack of world's most distant spacecraft

Friday, August 18th 2017, 7:52 am EDT CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — NASA's Voyager 1 has traveled farther from Earth than any other spacecraft. It's a mind-boggling 12.9 billion miles... Full Story

ESPN to tell 150-year history of college football during '19

Thursday, August 17th 2017, 6:06 pm EDT ESPN has announced a yearlong project on the history of college football, starting in January 2019, as part of the 150th anniversary of the... Full Story

Cafe no longer being probed in death of Chris Berman's wife

Thursday, August 17th 2017, 4:34 pm EDT HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Connecticut officials say they have closed an investigation of a restaurant after finding no violations in connection with... Full Story

Vice Media's immersive Charlottesville report gets traction

Thursday, August 17th 2017, 4:13 pm EDT NEW YORK (AP) — For all the words flowing since last weekend in Charlottesville, the most striking television reporting has been Vice Media's... Full Story

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